Mouse Vet in Los Angeles?

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Mouse Vet in Los Angeles? Empty Mouse Vet in Los Angeles?

Post by Brynne on Wed 25 May 2016, 10:50 pm

Does anyone out there in the world know of a good mouse vet in the Los Angeles basin or San Fernando Valley?  

 The vet I took my mice to three times (2009, 10 and 11) was adequate but not excellent.  Since I've learned how to treat a few common problems at home, I've had no reason to use veterinary services for five years. 

I was a member of the Fun Mouse forum for nearly 7 years.  Very few individuals from the area ever joined, and they never posted about local vets. The British mouse forum has no info.  I was hoping that the wildly popular guinea pig forums would have great recommendations for exotic vets.  Inexplicably, they do not. Two sites have thousands of visitors a day, and many members from the L.A. area.  Yet one of them only lists 3 places in the area that someone recommended A DECADE ago. Nothing recent.  The other lists a few practices with NO reviews.  When I looked them up on Yelp, they don't even advertise as seeing exotics.
Yelp is the best site for honest reviews about local businesses.  I spent two evenings reading the good and the bad opinions about exotic vets.  Not a single one sounds any better than the vet I used several years ago.

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