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Ware Manufacturing High Rise Review Empty Ware Manufacturing High Rise Review

Post by River on Sat 30 Dec 2017, 11:50 pm

I decided to do a cage review on the new habitat. I hadn't seen a whole lot before purchasing, so maybe it'll be helpful for others in the future. Or maybe I was just bored.

General Description:

This is a medium-sized wire topper that converts any 10 gallon aquarium into a leveled cage for small pets. It comes with two shelves and two ramps (both made with wire mesh), a plastic water bottle, and a plastic food dish.  

My first impression is that while the bowl is a good size and of good build, the water bottle seems cheap. I would have a back-up bottle just in case. it also seems difficult to hook onto the cage. The mesh is a little hard on the mouses feet if they spend a lot of time up there, so I have cut fleece to size the shelves.


19 1/2" width

11" length

10 1/2" height

The door is 6 x 9 1/2", and the shelves are both 9 x 10 1/2".

The shortest ramp is 6", while the longer one travels from the bottom shelf to the bottom of the tank.

The bar spacing is listed as 1/2", but I found that the genuine spacing for most bars is 3/8", with some varying to 1/2. The gap in the door lock is the largest space on the cage, and I covered it with the old tank lid. If you don't have one of these on hand, a book will do just fine.

The cage is marketed to all small pets, but this is far too small for rats or hamsters. This cage is best used for 1-3 mice or perhaps 1-2 gerbils.


This is being sold for $34.99 on amazon, with prime available for free shipping. I found this to be reasonable, and in my experiences, well worth it.

Cleaning + Access:

This cage only has one access door, located at the very top of the cage. This makes getting to the bottom of the tank quite difficult; I have to stand on a stool to reach in and check bottles or shift things about.

Cleaning, though, is surprisingly easy. Just pop the topper off, set it aside, and clean the tank; wipe the bars off to do a deep clean. I don't think it to be any more difficult than cleaning a plain 10 gal.

Overall Review and Experience:

My girl has loved this. She spends all night darting between levels; this is also where she chose to build her nest. It holds hammocks better than a tank, has good ventilation, and offers a ton of climbing space for curious does. This item has been well-used in my household, making for some very happy mice.

I will say that some mice chew barred cages. If your mouse starts with it, try to cancel out any direct causes. I find that weaving cardboard strips through the bars and offering tons of toys (especially hanging ones) has kept her distracted thus far, but it hadn't yet become a habit anyway.


- Gives mice more room to play
- Offers a 10 gallon space for multiple wheels
- Reasonably priced
- Easy to clean
- Sturdy
- Offers good ventilation
- Holds hanging toys well
- Easy to assemble
- Easily holds more bedding


- Poor access to tank level
- Not suitable for young or especially teeny mice.
- Quite tall; my mouse likes to jump from the levels. With more sensible mice, this is less of a concern.
- Could deal with a larger door

Photos for Reference:

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Ware Manufacturing High Rise Review K7iJbpX

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Ware Manufacturing High Rise Review Empty Re: Ware Manufacturing High Rise Review

Post by Rodents rock! on Sun 31 Dec 2017, 12:14 am

Nice review, and the tank and topper look great Very Happy
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