EDIT: I really need advice!! Respiratory infection or something else??

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EDIT: I really need advice!! Respiratory infection or something else?? Empty EDIT: I really need advice!! Respiratory infection or something else??

Post by samandsheen on Thu 27 Sep 2018, 2:54 am

So I have four mice, and two of them are moms of the other two. The moms are Sam and Sheen and about 2-3 months ago they were treated with doxy/baytril for 2 weeks for a URI. Their symptoms at that time were mostly noisy, clicking breathing and sneezing once in a while. All was well until I moved back into my dorm for the school year. A few weeks ago I noticed constant sneezing from Sam and Sheen again. There was also a small weird dot on Sheen's face like she had been scratching or something but I didn't notice her doing anything and it hasn't gotten any worse. Anyways, a week and a half ago I decided to start giving them doxy/baytril again because their sneezing was so constant. Although it's not as bad, they still sneeze a lot. Sam's ears were also red and I saw a little bit of dried blood, but it is because she started to scratch a lot. It's a lot less red now, but she still scratches. Sheen also scratches/bites her leg quite a bit, but I'm not sure if I'm being too paranoid about it because it could also be a part of her grooming routine?
So my question is, has anyone experienced something like this? Do you think it is still a URI or something else? Also, an important piece of info is that their breathing sounds pretty close to normal and that they're eating and playing around as normal. They currently eat Mazuri pellets and a seed mix. I'm also wondering if the Mazuri pellets are too high in protein for them, maybe causing allergies?
I don't know if/how long I should keep giving them the antibiotics or if I should see how they do without it after the 2 week mark. Any advice would be so helpful and much appreciated Smile

EDIT: sam now has marks on her face and under her chin that I'm assuming she's scratching a lot. How can I heal these?
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