Warts/tumors on ASFs?

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Warts/tumors on ASFs?  Empty Warts/tumors on ASFs?

Post by Sam and their pets on Sun 21 Oct 2018, 7:11 pm

I recently got a new group of ASFs and I'm realizing that may have been a huge mistake. The oldest female, probably over nine months, has warts begging to grow on her chin. I've read that papilloma virus is the cause and that's there's no treatment. I will be seeing my vet as soon as possible and will not be putting the new ASFS in the same room with my other rodents. My question is: Will it spread to my other ASFs or even between species, and is there any cure? I have 20 weaned/adult ASFs, all pets, and the new ones were supposed to be feeders. Two came pregnant. The warts are gory and I feel absolutely sick knowing that it will likely happen to all of her and her cage mates pups. My original ASFS came from the same person so they likely have already caught it. Apparently it doesn't show up until they're over a year old. I've researched all I can find and it seems hopeless.

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