Allergic reaction or worse?

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Allergic reaction or worse?  Empty Allergic reaction or worse?

Post by Aizui on Fri 15 Mar 2019, 10:13 pm

I own two mice, Alice and Penelope. Both are female and Alice is brindle while her cage mate is either yellow or low-grade brindle. Recently I have been attempting to train them (over the course of a week) with parakeet food which I have been using for 2 weeks or so once a week or every couple of days.

Lately, however, I have been feeding it to them daily with training. Alice over the week has had some redness start inside her ear and has gotten worse to the point that it's all red around and looks like it's been breaking the skin and possible scabs (really hard to tell.) Now her other cage mate has started getting redness in her ears.

Could this be an allergic reaction? They don't have any redness anywhere else or any other known issues. I read up on the forum about this particular issue and found that you can see what they are allergic to with the rice method. Do we need to cook the rice or feed it to them raw? Will instant or regular do? Also, if it isn't an allergic reaction what could be the cause of this? Thank you for all the help in advance!

Allergic reaction or worse?  F597yt

Alice - young adult brindle female
Penelope - adult self yellow female
Roxanne - young broken brindle female
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Allergic reaction or worse?  Empty Re: Allergic reaction or worse?

Post by ShinyRattata on Sat 16 Mar 2019, 3:30 pm

I’m not sure what it is, but always cook the rice first because if they eat it raw and get full, they will stop eating but the rice will continue to expand and can burst their stomachs.

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