On the lack of mouseries in Canada

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On the lack of mouseries in Canada Empty On the lack of mouseries in Canada

Post by j.n379 on Mon 18 Mar 2019, 7:21 pm

Well at least in terms of consistent, long term breeders and mouseries. I see a new one pop up every year or so, and fizzle out within two years or less. Stores will not accept mice from anyone except their designated breeder who I assume is breeding in bulk for quantity, not quality, because they're anonymous and don't have a web presence.
There was a "mouse show" that I wasn't able to make it out to in September, but by whom is unclear, there was just a listing at the pet expo without being associated publically with any group or honestly even any indication on the website on how to join or who would be there (unlike all the other animals shown) I've reached out to see if the spring expo will have a mouse show, and if so, run by whom, seeing as there is no real Canadian association or breeders. If it's happening I'll be going, maybe bringing one of my new shelter girls if they accept pet entries and if she grows well and stays healthy as she is now.

I guess I'm mostly wondering the reasons that mouseries don't succeed here, if it's impossible or simply so hard that it's not worth it to them. If it would be worth it for me, if I could get good stock brought in (because as far as I can tell, there's nothing stopping me from bringing in American mice over the border)
But since they all give up or fail, seemingly, I wouldn't want to just add to the list of expired webpages and Facebook pages that haven't been updated in years. Without knowing what happened to them all, I can't really expect to do better.
I just think it would be nice to have someone really be dedicated to providing better, healthier mice in Canada, long term. I'm still planning an eventual move, so I can't go all in until I'm living in a house I own (landlords hate mice, which is why none have ever known about mine, I love a good absentee landlord!) But I did well with my small first litter, emotionally speaking I was worried about grief when some babies didn't make it but I did ok with that. And the one boy left is the kindest mouse I've ever had, he loves to be snuggled which is such a welcome change from pet store avoidant mice. It would be nice if other people could experience that from the start.

Anyways if anyone has any insight on why every mousery up here seems to not thrive I'd love to hear theories. My main one is that there's just not enough of a market for mice, and maybe they just end up with too many mice not selling. I see amazing mouseries in Australia right now that seem to be thriving in Instagram, and maybe that's the key now, maybe a good online presence can make the difference in finding homes for babies, which also seems to be the hardest part here.
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