Meet my new mice!

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Meet my new mice! Empty Meet my new mice!

Post by Robin~ on Sun 09 Jun 2019, 6:12 pm

Here are my new girls!

Oreo (aka Moo Cow; nickname from the pet store employees):
Meet my new mice! 5-B38-B803-1632-4554-932-D-FBFC80987-F26
She's a chubby lil bean

Leaf (behind Oreo):
Meet my new mice! 124-EFFEB-568-B-49-F5-BA97-4-FF855-CA200-E

Meet my new mice! 779-E5341-0060-4-BB3-8954-96-AD1-F0302-E5

Meet my new mice! 7-E80-A6-AA-CF90-4279-9-BFF-9-F88-DC670-D11

I think I may end up switching out one of the flying saucers with an upright wheel because I don't think they know how to use them... either way, they're all splendid little girls Smile
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Meet my new mice! Empty Re: Meet my new mice!

Post by CallaLily on Mon 10 Jun 2019, 11:41 am

They’re so pretty! I love their names too. Very Happy

They’ll figure out the wheels with time but offering a different type can be fun too. Smile

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