Can I get a disease from my mice?

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Can I get a disease from my mice? Empty Can I get a disease from my mice?

Post by NewbieWithMice on Wed 16 Oct 2019, 3:15 am

Hello all, very new mouse keeper ! Not by choice unfortunatley (long story) but I've grown to be really liking the little guys/gals.

Heres my story:

I started with 8 adult mice on August 3rd and i had them all in a large cage, being the newbie I am and the new unsure about pets in my home , I didn't really read up until a couple months later (now). They ended up breeding, I had to seperate the 4 females in another enclosure from the 4 males. Two of the girls had 9 babies total. So now I had 17 *unsure about pets*  4 in one enclosure and 13 in a much larger enclosure I being not to interested in having them around at first, and now being overwhelmed with 17...will admit i let the both cages get super dirty at least for a month on the females and babies (13) but 2 months on the males (4)...But i recently cleaned the cages a few days ago and santized the room for the most part but still needs some vaccuming. My dog went in there alot too so did I.. And I'm mostly curious about if I could get any type of disease from the mice or my dog? I saw posts on quartine which i was wondering what that is? How do i know if the 8 i received at first are quartined or not? The babies never have been and they are about 4 or 5 weeks old now..and ive had the mice a total of 10 weeks i believe :0)Wink

Thank you! I love mice now! btw I lost one of the mice he died :0( it was the runt of the litter... It was sudden too... he was fine one day ..and.. suddenly died the next? I cryed for the rest of the day.. seeing as i saw myself in him. He was my favorite of all the mice.

Ps. I plan on seperating the new male babies soon from the females

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Can I get a disease from my mice? Empty Re: Can I get a disease from my mice?

Post by SilverThistle on Wed 16 Oct 2019, 9:30 pm

Hi! Welcome Smile
I'm a veterinary technician and the diseases you could get from a pet mouse are very very rare, it's really unlikely you or your dog will catch anything from your mice.

Quarantining is more for when you're bring new mice (or other pet rodents) into your home, if your new pets are ill they could get your other mice ill as well. This is why we quarantine any newbie mice, to make sure the new ones are healthy before adding them in with our other mice Smile

Mice reach sexual maturity at 4-5 weeks old, so it would be best if you separated your males and females ASAP. Also, male mice most often can not live together. Males are very territorial with other males and will fight badly, which can lead to injury or even possibly death Sad
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