The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread

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The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread Empty The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread

Post by ControlCoreAngel on Mon 11 Nov 2019, 7:23 pm

Let's talk about our most poorly behaved mice, because let's be real, even though we love them unconditionally, some mice are just jerks.
No matter how hard we bonded with them, or if they get along with other cagemates, etc., here's to the ones who never cease to be brats.
Mice are SMART, and with their intellect comes the ability to create mischief with little to no consequences.

This thread IS for talking about:

  • little petty things (no pun intended)- kicking all the food out of the bowl, screwing up a pre-existing nest, moving all the bedding to a certain location, blocking off places they need to get to eventually, eating all of one food that another cagemate likes
  • being rude in general
  • intentionally or unknowingly causing mischief
  • stealing food from cagemates
  • etc.

This thread IS NOT for talking about:

  • fights
  • meanness caused by mistreatment
  • severe hostility
  • anything that's remotely related to abuse/mistreatment or violence
  • etc.

If you have mice that violently fight with each other, I recommend separating them. Also check the Keeping Mice Together & Introducing Them.

So I'll go ahead and talk about Pipin. Oh, Pipin. I've never had such a naughty little mouse.

Pipin is around teenager age and just the most ridiculous mouse I've ever owned. She's committed many a crime including screaming like she's being murdered when she's getting GROOMED, being a general jerk to her very kind and motherly cagemate Macaroni, and so on. I love her, she's so weird.

A few days ago I caught her shoving all the bedding to one side in her cage- DIRECTLY in front of their water bottle, effectively blocking it + possibly allowing it to leak.
But WHILE she was doing it, she was picking up some of the bedding pieces, and SHOVING THEM OUT THE WATER BOTTLE HOLES AND ONTO MY FLOOR. Here's a video of her doing that (tw: strong language).
If this isn't peak chaos, I don't know what is. I love Pipin, but she's awful.

Here's a photo of her ready to bite fingers, while I'm at it.
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Now, how about you? Tell us about your worst mouse.


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The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread Empty Re: The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread

Post by Robin~ on Mon 11 Nov 2019, 8:49 pm

Well, I sorta have two, but Raven is the worst.

Everyone steals food from each other (even golden child Moo), but Raven is the most likely to do it. I feel I have to go into hyper get-oat-from-container mode just so she doesn’t go off and torment someone else Razz
She also just follows people around, sniffing butts and all that, which typically annoys the other girls and leads to a brief (and loud) “Hey, back off” confrontation.
Lastly, and I’m not sure who exactly is doing this, but since Raven is the nest-builder I’ll put it on her— so, since half of my girls are a bit more sensitive to dust, I try to limit the bedding to a burrow box. I swear, it takes her less than a day to make a mess and throw the bedding everywhere! I honestly can’t bother putting it back in the box at this point because I know it’ll get messed up again in a day.
If anyone’s the worst in my place, it’s her. Granted, she still is sweet in her own sense, but she’s just a queen.

Leaf has her own minor quirk. I can’t do deep food dishes because then she throws all of the food out of the dish. I’ve resorted to shallower, unused ash trays and mostly scatter feeding to keep her from making a ton of noise from throwing millet and pellets everywhere.
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The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread Empty Re: The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread

Post by MerciToujoursMaPetiteBoop on Tue 12 Nov 2019, 10:55 am

I have no complaints. April was an absolute angel. Whenever she "misbehaved", I played mousie psychologist and tried to figure out what was going on with her, so we could fix it.

But about Pipin ...
I think her obsession with the hole is not to throw things out through it, but to close it off. She's doing what mousies do to close up their nests and make them safe, but for some reason no matter how much stuff she puts up into the hole to close it, it stays open. Then see how she investigates this strange hole that won't close, putting her nose through it to sniff it out. She knows she put a bunch of bedding into it, but ... where did it go?!?

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The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread Empty Re: The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread

Post by BrendoniUrie on Wed 13 Nov 2019, 2:10 pm

Most of the time, no matter how much I give her treats and bond with her, Silk will nip at my hand the first time it enters the cage. It's never enough to draw blood, and afterwards she will take treats, climb on me, etc. She's even the first one to come greet me. I can't figure it out. Maybe she automatically assumes I'm holding a treat, who knows, but the other two sniff my hand for a treat, and she never does. She also always closes her eyes when taking a treat, so maybe that has something to do with it, and I smell like food, or maybe she's just crazy, I don't know.

One of the girls will also sit in the food dish so no one else can get any while she eats, and on top of that she's pooping in the dish and soiling the food.

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The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread Empty Re: The World's Most Poorly Behaved Mice: A Thread

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