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Dust-free bedding Empty Dust-free bedding

Post by Robin~ on Mon 09 Dec 2019, 8:30 pm


For the past few months I’ve been having some issues with two of my girls. They are very very sensitive to dust to the point of where I can’t use commercial bedding. I use sheets of construction/printer paper for the bottom of the cage and provide a box of shredded construction paper for burrowing (hay or bedding sends Moo and Leaf through a sneezing spiral).
I’ve been looking around and most people seem to use paper/aspen bedding with no issues, which I’m honestly kinda jealous of! Anybody else with mice that are sensitive? Or maybe it’s just some underlying respiratory issue I need to talk to my vet about?

Many thanks!

Side note: beddings I’ve tried: Boxo, Small Pet Select Natural, Kaytee Aspen, Critter Care, Oxbow Orchard Grass (not a as a bedding but for burrowing), Yesterday’s News cat litter (a bit expensive and rough on the paws)
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