HELP Introducing Mice Attacked

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HELP Introducing Mice Attacked Empty HELP Introducing Mice Attacked

Post by gatinhangel on Sat 11 Jan 2020, 4:00 pm

So I've had this mouse for one year now, her partner died yesterday, so i went to the petstore and got myself two new ones to keep her company.
One of the two new ones is really young. I tried just using the transporter inside the cage, and giving the new girls the previous mice beds so that they would get used to the smell.
My older solo mouse instantly looked very territorial and energetic, even tried nibbling them from the outside of the transporter.
While i was carefully opening the transporter, she got in and atacked the smalest one, giving her a wound on her neck ( I cleaned it, it doesnt seem to be bleeding anymore but I am worried because of her size ).

So now i have 1 solo mouse that needed company, and 2 terrified girls staying for the night in the transporter.

I dont know what to do. I probably should isolate the little one for injury but then i would end up with 3 lonely femaly mice. And if i just build them a new cage, the other one will be alone as she already was...

Please Help, Any advice is greatly apreciated! Sad

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HELP Introducing Mice Attacked Empty Re: HELP Introducing Mice Attacked

Post by Robin~ on Sat 11 Jan 2020, 6:02 pm


Please keep in mind bonding is a longer process than some may think. Generally, mice should be introduced in neutral territory or the resident mouse can see the newcomers as intruders of her territory. Something like a playpen or spare bin with new/clean toys works great.

This article details more about bonding:
Most of the article is pretty good but I wouldn’t recommend the vanilla technique as vanilla smells really strong and can irritate your mice.

Overall, I strongly suggest getting a 10g for the new girls and going through the full quarantine process (which can be found here: ) so they have a more secure and roomy home.
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