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Post by JustGinger on Thu 27 Feb 2020, 1:09 am

Hi! We’re having mice issues, multiple, and we’re new to mousing so what may seem obvious to you may not be so obvious to us... any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance...
Here is some background... a little over a year ago, we rescued a mouse from some people who were going to throw her outside. 😡 We call her, “Mz. Mouse”.

We spoiled her rotten with love and attention and the best cages but she started acting really lethargic and she wouldn’t play as much... my boyfriend is a veterinarian but he doesn’t have any experience with mice...
the more we researched the more we realized Mz. Mouse needed friends...

I found this man on Craigslist who has a bunch of fancy mice because he started with a couple and really loved them but a couple turned into 50 and now he wants to find them all homes... they’re after all, his pets.... so, in an effort to help him and to cheer Mz. Mouse up, we rescued four other mice.

Well, about two weeks ago one of the mice gave birth to five babies... we didn’t even suspect she was pregnant until three weeks after we got her.

So, the first issue: One of the babies is severely neglected and has even been dragged out of the nest while the others are thriving... I moved all of them to a new spot together and so far the little runt hasn’t been thrown out again but is there anything else we can do? The runt looks like a pinkie while the others look like mice with fur and bulk.

The second issue is that one of the rescues has some horrible infection and she’s practically scratching off her ears and her nose seems raw to me. The Merck veterinary manual describes several mice illnesses but nothing that seems the likely cause. If she had ear mites, wouldn’t we have noticed sooner? Wouldn’t the other mice also have them?

Again, thank you so much for any input, advice, guidance...

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