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Read before using this calculator
This calculator provides the smallest amount of space that every mouse needs. It allows for approximately 65-70 square inches per mouse. We strongly recommend providing your mice as much space as you can. This is especially important if your mice are larger or more active than average. A 10-gallon tank (and its equivalent in floor space) is the smallest cage that you should house either one male or 2-3 females. Many of us recommend this size for short-term housing over permanent housing. Good examples of short-term uses include quarantine, hospital tank, nursing mothers, taming, timeouts, and small introductions.

Mice love to climb and height is a wonderful aspect to consider. For an array of reasons, however, height and shelves aren't taken into account in this calculator. Ventilation concerns are one reason... adding height and shelves will cause the calculator to recommend more mice than it would otherwise, but you can't add more ventilation. This may lead to more smell, condensation, health problems, etc.

Larger spaces that aren't set up correctly or that house untamed mice may cause or perpetuate undesirable behaviors. Mice don't need open floor space like some other common pocket pets; the largest open space in a mouse's tank should be the nest, which should only be slightly larger than the mice next to each other. To help prevent problems, strive to take advantage of your enclosure's floor space as well as its vertical space so that everywhere your mice go there will be an activity. For ideas, check out the following links:

  • Housing Pictures --
  • Popsicle stick toys --
  • Totally Free Toy Ideas --

Check out the Mouse DIYs section for more ideas and tutorials --
Mouse Cage Calculator

Cage Calculator

Note: This calculator supports your average sized pet shop fancy mouse, weighing around 25 grams. Additionally, the calculator only takes into account the average activity level of a fancy mouse. Some mice are less active and some more. Larger or more active mice will *need* more space.

This calculator is only presented to you for a rough idea of mice per square inch of floor space. You still *must* use your judgment because mouse personalities do play a large roll in tank size.

Length of home:
Width of home:
(height and shelves are irrelevant)
# of Mice:

Mouse Cage Calculator

Quick look up of tank dimensions

Gallons Size # of Mice
5 1/2 16 x 8 1*
10 20 x 10 3
15 24 x 12 4
20 H 24 x 12 4
20 L 30 x 12 5
29 H 30 x 12 5
30 H 30 x 12 5
30 L 36 x 18 9
40 H 36 x 18 9
40 L 48 x 13 9
50 H 36 x 18 9
50 L 48 x 18 13
55 48 x 12 8
60 40 x 16 9
75 48 x 18 13
90 48 x 18 13
100 60 x 18 16

* We do not recommend 5g tanks (or their equivalent
in floor space) for use by pet caregivers. The small size and height makes it impossible to add everything a mouse will need.

* Housing more than 2 dozen mice together, no matter
the size of the habitat, isn't recommended.
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