The calculator and quick lookup were moved, with permission, from The Fun Mouse website before it shut down. Credit to Barbarafunmouse
FAQ: Why does the calculator recommend such a small space?
Answer: The mouse community has many different answers to the question, "How much space does a mouse need?" The intention of this cage calculator is to provide you with a **minimum** amount of space for a number of mice. We encourage you to make an informed decision for your own mice. | Read: There are many things to consider when determining housing size.

We strongly recommend providing MORE space than what the calculator says you need. We encourage larger enclosures for permanent housing, larger mice, more active mice, males that need the extra enrichment space, etc.

A 10-gallon tank (and its equivalent in floor space) is the **smallest** enclosure that should house either one male or 2-3 females. Many recommend this size for temporary, short-term housing. Examples: quarantine, hospital tank, nursing mothers, taming, timeouts, and small introductions

Large enclosures that are not set up correctly or that house untamed mice may cause or perpetuate undesirable behaviors. Mice do not need open floor space to move around; the largest open space in a mouse's enclosure should be the nest. Strive to take advantage of your enclosure's floor space as well as its vertical space so that everywhere your mice go there will be an activity. For ideas, check out the following links:
Mouse Cage Calculator

Please read the above considerations before using the calculator and quick lookup!

Mice love to climb and height is a wonderful aspect to consider. For an array of reasons, however, height and shelves aren't taken into account in this calculator. Ventilation concerns are one reason... adding height and shelves will cause the calculator to recommend more mice than it would otherwise, but you can't add more ventilation. This may lead to more smell, condensation, health problems, etc.

Length of home:
Width of home:
(only flat floor space is considered)
Maximum Mice:

Mouse Cage Calculator

Quick lookup of tank dimensions

Gallons Size # of Mice
10 20 x 10 3
15 24 x 12 4
20 H 24 x 12 4
20 L 30 x 12 5
29 H 30 x 12 5
30 H 30 x 12 5
30 L 36 x 18 9
40 H 36 x 18 9
40 L 48 x 13 9
50 H 36 x 18 9
50 L 48 x 18 13
55 48 x 12 8
60 40 x 16 9
75 48 x 18 13
90 48 x 18 13
100 60 x 18 16
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