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Are these safe?

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Are these safe? Empty Are these safe?

Post by Everess Mon 14 Nov 2016, 11:39 pm

Im back! I'm actually gonna get mice in the next few weeks! Super excited! I currently have the 10 Gallon tank already (Was waiting for a dollar per gallon sale), but I have nothing in it yet. For some reason my dad wouldn't let me get everything at the same time (excluding the mice of course), maybe because he wants to get money from his job even though I am paying for it? (He doesn't really like it when I spend my money lol). SORRY I'M RAMBLING.

One thing I am stuck on is food, diet. Are these safe? (heard this was good but I don't actually know for sure).
And I am willing to remove some bad stuff from the food if there is one bad thing in it.
Also what food brands do you recommend?

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Are these safe? Empty Re: Are these safe?

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner Mon 14 Nov 2016, 11:48 pm

The first food you posted had corn as the second ingredient, which is just a cheap filler and isn't a good ingredient. The second food is the most recommended food here. That second food is fantastic Smile

Are these safe? Girlss10
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Are these safe? Empty Re: Are these safe?

Post by CallaLily Tue 15 Nov 2016, 9:19 am

The second food is often recommended by many of our members. Brown's Tropical Carnival is also often recommended, though a few have had issues with moldy bags.

You're mainly looking for a food with crude protein between 12-14% if you're getting pet shop mice or ones with untracked lines. (If you're getting well bred mice from a breeder, talk to them about what food they recommend).  Fat and fiber should be under 10%.  Also take a look at the ingredients. It's good to see a nice variety of whole ingredients listed. Keep in mind the first few ingredients make up the bulk of the food.  Though companies do often split ingredients, effectively lowering its place on the ingredients list and making it appear there's less of it than other ingredients.  For example: flaked corn, ground corn, corn meal, puffed corn, etc. So the second food you listed maybe really looks more like "millet, corn, oats" rather than "millet, oats, corn" -- but I'm only guessing .

Edit:  That first food looks to be mainly pellets (which look to be mostly corn based), sunflower seeds, and corn with just a tiny sprinkle of a few other whole grains/seeds. I personally would not ever buy it.

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Are these safe? Empty Re: Are these safe?

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