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Naughty Barber!

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Naughty Barber! Empty Naughty Barber!

Post by MouseLover on Fri 16 Dec 2016, 6:01 pm

Hello all. I haven't been on the forum in quite a while. Things have been so busy for me lately, I just haven't found the time. I hope to catch up on everything soon Smile

My 5 girls are all well. It's Honey's 2nd birthday on monday, which is great Smile The only trouble is, we seem to have a barber in the colony! It started with Violet's whisker-bed area looking a little sparse, and then one by one the girls have all developed bald whisker beds... until there was only one left with whiskers! Flora hasn't been barbered at all, and so she is pretty much proven guilty. I wonder if it's not a coincidence that Flora has taken the alpha role since the mice were all introduced. Perhaps she's been over-enthusiastic with the grooming as a way of asserting her dominance over the others?

I've not had to deal with barbering before so if anyone has any experience with this issue, please share. Is this an issue that I can do anything about? I feel a little sad for my mousies without whiskers, and wonder if they struggle much without them Sad

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Naughty Barber! Empty Re: Naughty Barber!

Post by Peachy on Fri 16 Dec 2016, 6:25 pm

I haven't had any troubles with barbering, but from what I've read it's usually dominance.

It's often recommended to separate the barberer for a few weeks, to make her want to behave with her colony and to help her break the habit. Sometimes it takes a few tries, and sometimes there's just no stopping it, but it at least gives everyone's whiskers and fur a chance to grow back. I can't imagine it's comfortable for the "victims"!

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