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Green Cheek Conure?

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Green Cheek Conure? Empty Green Cheek Conure?

Post by EverythingAnimal Thu 22 Dec 2016, 8:40 pm

So, many of you probably know from previous posts that I love birds. Well, I have recently fallen in love with the idea ofo getting a little GCC to have around. I am in no place to get one within the next 5 years, but hey, no harm in getting ready early! I have done a lot of research already, but I realize that what helped me the most in preparation for my mice was TFM, so I would like to find something similar to research GCCs. Does anyone know of a bird forum, preferably small like this one, and conure specific? I can't help but look at all the stuff I could buy right now for a future bird! I already have a cage, food, and if I were getting it now, a bird picked out! On a petfinder-liek website, there is a beautiful yellow-sided Turquois male, just one year old for adoption; $300 and about an hour away from where I live. If only I could just jump the gun and snatch him up! Also, if you have experiance with and know something useful about GCCs, conures, or just birds in general, please let me know! Thanks!

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