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Lilac's the bully now!

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Lilac's the bully now! Empty Lilac's the bully now!

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner on Mon 23 Jan 2017, 9:13 pm

Apparently, Lilac is bullying Daisy. It's been going on for a few days. Daisy will wake up, and immediately Lilac will pick a fight and start squeaking and chasing her around, and doing all sorts of dominance behaviors. I'm usually only in the room for 30-60 minutes at a time, and there are 2-3 fights between her and Daisy when I'm in the room. Daisy is just minding her own business, when Lilac comes up and starts doing crazy dominance stuff! Daisy used to be the alpha, so I'm not sure what happened there. Daisy is a huge mouse and Lilac is young and tiny. They aren't actually hurting each other, and I know no blood equals no separation, but is there anything else I can do? Daisy can't even mind her own business without Lilac showing how dominant she is Sad

Lilac's the bully now! Girlss10
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Lilac's the bully now! Empty Re: Lilac's the bully now!

Post by CallaLily on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 7:19 am

All you can do is let them work it out and watch that it doesn't become serious (blood drawn). I don't think it's uncommon for there to be a power shift in a group of girls. We recently went through a similar thing, though there was much less fuss about it. Seems Hazel is no longer boss. I'm pretty sure Celyn is alpha now.

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