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Good and bad commercial treats

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Good and bad commercial treats Empty Good and bad commercial treats

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner on Wed 01 Feb 2017, 6:44 pm

Good and bad commercial treats

Yogurt Drops
These are small drops, usually fruit flavored and colorful. Basically all they are is fat, sugar, oil, and and a bit of yogurt powder, making them pretty unhealthy. There are much healthier alternatives to these colorful drops of sugar.

Commercial papaya treats
These are a lot healthier than most commercial treats. Papaya is often advertised towards mice, hamsters, other rodents, and birds. Some companies add sugar and dyes, and it's better to get the papaya treats that don't have added sugar, and preferably no dyes, but dyes are sometimes hard to avoid.

Rice pops
Rice pops are basically just rice, corn, artificial colors, and sugar. These aren't the healthiest treats with all the sugars and dyes. Again, there are much healthier options.

Commercial millet
Like papaya, millet is one of the most healthy commercially advertised treats. Millet is often advertised towards both small animals and birds. So long as there isn't added flavors and such, millet is a very healthy treat.

Healthier alternatives to commercial treats
There are much healthier alternatives to some of these treats, here are some helpful links to help guide you in picking out the right treats for your mice:
Safe foods list:
5 great mouse treats:

Good and bad commercial treats Girlss10
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Good and bad commercial treats Empty Re: Good and bad commercial treats

Post by CallaLily on Thu 02 Feb 2017, 8:38 am

These two commercial treats are good - just deydrated sweet potato and berries.

I reviewed two other commercial treats here: I would put these on the unhealthy list. The first one because it's very fatty, the second because of added sugar and artificial coloring - they're pretty similar to rice pops. I've also had CritterWare Carnival Crops Candy Shop Pops and they're pretty much rice pops too.

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