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Fleece Shelf Liners

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Fleece Shelf Liners Empty Fleece Shelf Liners

Post by stephlisa Wed 08 Feb 2017, 7:39 am

So...I hate waste and try to minimise waste (and even recycling) as much as possible. To this end, I was thinking about making some washable fleece liners for the shelves in Colin's cage. I'd make two sets so one can be in the wash at any given moment. He no longer marks excessively which means I'm not concerned for excessive smells, but he does pee on his shelves (as you'd expect from a mouse!). They are currently covered in scrap paper, but this uses a lot of scrap paper that could go for other uses (I'm a crafter...there's always a use for paper!).

My question to you - has anyone ever made fleece liners for shelves in mice cages and what is your experience of using them? Is this a good idea, a bad idea, dependent on the mouse/mice in question?

The only downside I can see is that they might smell quicker than paper, but I don't know...give me your thoughts.

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Fleece Shelf Liners Empty Re: Fleece Shelf Liners

Post by CallaLily Wed 08 Feb 2017, 7:47 am

I used fleece liners for a time with Daryl when I was trying to figure out allergies. The only downside was they needed changing a lot more frequently and it's not absorbent.

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