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Possible for single female mouse to NOT be lonely?

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Possible for single female mouse to NOT be lonely? Empty Possible for single female mouse to NOT be lonely?

Post by tealicicle Fri 03 Mar 2017, 8:56 pm

Hi all! Long time lurker, and used a lot of advice from this forum two years ago when I got my three babies. I now come seeking advice.

I started with three pet store mice who were the best of friends. Within the past couple months, I lost two very quickly... one to cancer, one to unknown causes (she was already over a year and a half, so I'm assuming she was just older when I got her).

I was terrified for the third mouse, Margot, to heavily grieve or even die of a broken heart like I've read about... But she seems ok! It's been a week and a half since the death of her second friend. I've given her a lot of new toys to distract her, which she shows ready interest in. She eats and drinks like normal, and runs around her habitat exploring.

Is it possible that she's enjoying being an old lady mouse alone? Or am I personifying my pet, and should get her a new companion or two? For what it's worth, the surviving mouse was clearly the dominant of the three, so part of my worry of adding new companions is that she'd come out on the wrong side of a fight for dominance, given that she is old. What's the best course of action here for her remaining quality of life?

all advice is welcomed -- thank you friends Smile

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Possible for single female mouse to NOT be lonely? Empty Re: Possible for single female mouse to NOT be lonely?

Post by CallaLily Sat 04 Mar 2017, 7:27 am

The best course of action, imo, is to pick up 2 or more female mice and once they're through quarantine, introduce them following this advice. My one time experience with introducing young mice to an old gal went really really well but I'm sure it does come down to the individual mice.

But if for any reason you don't want to or can't get more mice, you could just give her extra attention and enrichment. They do get lonely, naturally they would live in a group made up of one male and multiple females. If you can't give her any new "sisters," then it's necessary to give her tons of attention like you would a male.

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