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Baby micw

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Baby micw Empty Baby micw

Post by Craige24 on Sun 05 Mar 2017, 3:03 pm

Hi all,
I have an unexpected situation and looking for advice .
I have kept mice before a decided to start again about 4 months ago when I got my 2 females. The issue is we moved house into a house that had a wild male inside he's bred with 1 of the females or so I though and she gave borth 2 weeks ago all going well with them eyes are open and starting to peek out of nest but last night my other female who lives in the same cage has given birth to 1 baby. So my question is do I leave then all together until the weaning babies are ready to be sexed and split or move the mum of the older litter and her babies into another cage ?
Thank you in advance

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Baby micw Empty Re: Baby micw

Post by Peachy on Sun 05 Mar 2017, 5:08 pm

Welcome to the forum! Do you have them in a cage with bars or a tank?

Moving the older litter could be a good idea. Once eyes are open, the chances of Mom culling her babies is really, really small. The problem would be not having the original nest, but you could use as much of the old nesting material as possible and sprinkle some of the old bedding over the new bedding so that it still smells like home.

Communal nesting has its pros and cons. There's a chance that either mother would cull the youngest baby, but it's impossibe to say for sure either way. If these are mice that have been together forever, it's likely they would take care of their litters together, but there's a concern that the younger baby wouldn't get its share of milk if it has to compete with the older litter.

All that said, I would separate.

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