My 2 female gerbils squeak when they push against eachother?

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My 2 female gerbils squeak when they push against eachother?

Post by Colors on Thu 09 Mar 2017, 12:09 pm

Hello everyone, I have another question about the 2 female gerbils that I bought on Feb 7th. Other than me thinking that one or both could be pregnant due to rapid weight gain around their abdomens, I've noticed that when they sleep together they squeak a lot. I know for a fact from watching them closely that they aren't hurting each other, but if they accidentally kick each other or bump into them when their digging/sleeping then they both squeak. If they are both pregnant could they be sensitive in their stomach area?

By the way, I have been feeding them some walnuts and meal worms, which are pretty fattening, but it's been almost a week since feeding fattening foods, yet they're getting bigger every day. So could it be that these foods are still affecting them? Their main food is oxbow and I'm switching them to another food that is cheaper. Thanks everyone!
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