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Biting.. Sorta?

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Biting.. Sorta? Empty Biting.. Sorta?

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner on Sun 21 May 2017, 9:00 pm

Rocky is such a strange mouse. He seems to like me, and likes being petted. He waits for me up at the hammock, and I take him out for a while and just sorta free range him somewhere, like the lid of a bin, in a bin, the lid of my hamster's cage, or sometimes I just take him to see the girls, haha. I get him in my hand and hold him up to the glass so he can see them. However, he bites me sometimes...? It doesn't seem to be out of territorial issues or anything. And it isn't hard, either. When Scout bites me, my finger bleeds like crazy and it hurts. It never bleeds with Rocky though, it isn't a nip, but a bite sort of on the more gentle side. I do sprinkle chia seeds, flax seeds, etc. through the screen of his tank sometimes though, should I stop doing that? Maybe he associated my finger with food? The last 2 times he bit me, this is how it happened:

Scenario #1: I was removing items from his tank, getting ready to clean it. I removed everything except his hide where he was sleeping. I carefully brushed away the bedding from the front of his hide with my finger, then suddenly felt his teeth biting my finger. He was probably startled?

Scenario #2: This was today, actually. I took him out for a photo shoot. He was in a little igloo hide, and started to dig into the bedding underneath it. I just put my finger near his face while he was digging, and he nipped me. He didn't seem upset or anything, it was just kind of a random nip Confused

What does it sound like the issue is?

Biting.. Sorta? Girlss10
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Biting.. Sorta? Empty Re: Biting.. Sorta?

Post by scaredymouse on Sun 21 May 2017, 10:41 pm

Sounds like he doesn't like you messing around near his hideaway! It sounds territorial to me. My boy Magnus bites me if i put my hands in his tank. He lets me pick him up from the hammock and never bites outside the tank but i always get bit if i invade is space. And he really freaks out when i clean his tank!

So, i would just wait for him tho come to the hammock or scoop him up with a tp roll or cup and then put him in your hand. Works for me!

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