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Post by CallaLily Thu 07 Apr 2016, 9:07 pm

Please understand that we are dedicated to the well-being and preservation of the lives of mice. Our collective knowledge of health problems is great, but *WE ARE NOT VETERINARIANS*. The best we can do in the time of an emergency is give advice on what to do before you can get your mouse to see a vet. It is safe to assume that if you are posting in this section, that your mice should already have a vet appointment.

We can tell you what may be wrong, but 99% of the time, only a veterinarian's care will be able to help your mouse's health. It is incredibly important to know that mice have delicate systems, and that a responsible owner has a vet on call, should they need one. The simplest thing can make a mouse ill, and when mice get ill, they go down hill *fast*.

Things like broken bones, gasping for breath, excessive sneezing, shivering, hunched over and lethargic, missing limbs, not eating or drinking water, bleeding, open wounds or sores, large bumps that could be tumors or abscesses, choking or coughing, eye-wounds, and difficulties giving birth, to name a few are things we cannot help you with, only vet attention and medication will be able to help your beloved pet. They are problems that should be taken care of *immediately*. Do NOT wait a 'few days' to see what happens, for the end result of waiting could be the life of your pet. We can only give you support and advice on what you should do for your mouse in the meantime, before they see a vet.

Yes, it costs money, but that is the price we pay for having these wonderful creatures in our lives.

Many of the above mentioned emergency's can be cured, and the mouse can go on to live a long, healthy life. Refusing to take an animal to the vet and letting it die in pain should not be an option, and we can only help tell you what may be wrong. We cannot prescribe a magic heal-all, and we cannot help if you are not willing to pay the money it takes to see a veterinarian. If you truly cannot afford the care, than do your mouse a favor and at least pay the money to have it put to sleep so that the poor thing doesn't have to live in pain and suffering.

Excuses such as: "It's Saturday, and my vet isn't open", and "I can't pay for it" are futile. Find a vet with ER hours, call around and see which vet will see mice, and price compare. Where there is a will, there is a way, and while mice may be tiny, they deserve the best care possible in the biggest way.

Please, DO post your emergency, because knowledge is power, and we may be able to help, if only to ease a mouse's suffering, and there are some things that are new and unprecedented. Things that can help others with the same problem, or something new none of us has ever seen before, information that may help *all* of us, and problems that may not need vet care, but please be advised that the word 'emergency' does mean "a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate action." Therefore, you must be prepared to take your mouse to the vet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and the best of luck to all of you and your meecers for a bright, healthy, future.

Originally posted by @Norman's Mom on The Fun Mouse forum.

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Post by aalove1213 Sun 21 Nov 2021, 1:37 am

hello i know this post is very dated but i’m unsure how to post and i desperately need help. i just got mice for the first time last week and i got one from a friend cause she just didn’t pay attention to them and she said that wasn’t fair. she said her cat attacked her male and i was furious she didn’t take him in. we’re struggling to even buy ourselves food at the moment (she gave us bedding food etc they’re set for a while and we bought some too) but as i was cleaning his eye today ( little bit of crust first day cleaned and only swelling that looked better since) i’m 99% sure either a scab or his literal eye came out!! do i make her pay since she didn’t take him to vet the in the first place? she didn’t tell me before hand he was hurt i found out at pickup and i’m in no situation to pay 200+ for the vet as i’m still paying them off for something last month.

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