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Potential Mouse House

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Potential Mouse House Empty Potential Mouse House

Post by Mouserella Wed 09 Aug 2017, 7:19 am

I'm looking into getting myself some mice and currently looking at what type of housing would be best.
I currently have an old hamster cage that I was looking into adding on top of a cage bin. And I also have a gerbilarium which I can pinch bits from.
Has anyone on here had success with cage bins?
I've noticed quite a lot of you also keep in tanks.
I was looking at getting 3 girls, what size tank/bin would you recommend as I've read there can be too big?
Thanks for your help!
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Potential Mouse House Empty Re: Potential Mouse House

Post by CallaLily Wed 09 Aug 2017, 8:46 am

Have you read through the stickied thread on proper housing?  There's a lot of great info there, including a link to the cage calculator.

Double check bar spacing in cages to be sure there's no escapes. 1/4 inch is best but I've heard up to 3/8 inch is suitable for adult mice (6.35-9.52 mm).  Edit: I see that you're in the UK, so you should have an easier time finding a suitable cage than we do here in the US.  There's some additional help with mouse products for our UK members here:

I've used bin cages temporarily. I prefer tanks over them, but they can work well as a mouse house. Just inspect often for chewing.

The minimum size for 3 girls is 200 sq in (1290 sq cm).  Many find it best to start mice out in the minimum size for the group you have, because it can make taming and introductions go more smoothly.   Once they're tame, you can absolutely offer them more space. I prefer to move them up slowly, watching carefully to make sure the group continues to get along. Sometimes in very large spaces (or sectioned off spaces) groups can split leading to fighting. It's good to have a back up if the larger space doesn't work out.

Good luck!  I love your avatar and username. Very Happy

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