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Mouse genetics help

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Mouse genetics help Empty Mouse genetics help

Post by Maskedmuffin on Sun 13 Aug 2017, 5:58 pm

(D=Dominant Gene/r=Reccessive gene)

So, a dominant gene always shows over a recessive gene, but that mouse would carry both genes. If one mouse has a dominant and a recessive gene, and their partner has the same recessive gene, the pups might show the recessive gene. Anyways, that was my introduction, so here are my questions;

1. In a Dr+rr breeding, would the pups show the recessive gene, but still carry the dominant gene, or just have the recessive gene(s)?

2.  If you bred two mice with recessive genes (a & b), but two different recessive genes, would the pups be aa (or bb) or ab? And if they were ab which gene would show? Would one recessive gene be more 'dominant' than the other, therefore it would show?

PS: I'm talking about coat color genes

Thanks! Smile

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