Soil Bedding and Allergies

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Soil Bedding and Allergies

Post by Plazmotech on Fri 18 Aug 2017, 5:06 am

I just got back from a vacation, and I had my mouse boarded. I asked the shelter to please bond her with two others, and when I got them I also switched our Carefresh bedding to Soil. It was completely organic soil, and I baked it at 400ºF for one hour to kill off parasites. They seemed to really enjoy it, digging around and playing in it. However one of the new ones is now sneezing a lot.

I'm thinking it could have to do with the beddings. But Nibbles (my original mouse) had a URI before, which I treated with Baytril. I'm somehow concerned that maybe her dormant URI passed to my new mice, or that my new mice already had URIs. I'm getting her checked up on the 22nd, but until then, what should I do? Has anyone ever heard soil causing allergies before?

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Re: Soil Bedding and Allergies

Post by CallaLily on Fri 18 Aug 2017, 7:44 am

I haven't read anything mentioning soil and allergy risks, but I imagine it's possible there could be something in the soil that's bothering them. Only way to find out for sure would be to switch them back to paper bedding and see if they improve.

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