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Should I add another?

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Should I add another? Empty Should I add another?

Post by Souris Fri 01 Sep 2017, 4:56 pm

Hi there! I'm new to this forum, and also new to owning fancy mice. I'm here with a question. I have two female mice, (Yet to be named still!) and have noticed since bringing them home that one likes to rough up the other. There hasn't been any bleeding yet. But I'm worried my little fawn gal is going to get beat up too often by my more aggressive girl.

I was reading that it's better to keep trios of females rather than pairs. Is this true? And if it is, will it lessen the bullying that has started happening? I've only had these mice for a couple days now. And if I purchased a third, I would get her from the same store I bought these two at. (I don't have mouse breeders in my area, but the pet store is a local mom and pop shop.) I have these two set up in a ten gallon tank, and so far they seem to get along most of the time. For example the slept in the same nest box last night. But every once and a while the more aggressive one gets feisty, and seems to becoming more frequent. I woke up to loud squeaking from both of them last night.

Anyways, I'd love to hear thoughts!
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Should I add another? Empty Re: Should I add another?

Post by CallaLily Fri 01 Sep 2017, 5:51 pm

Yes, three is usually better than two. It should balance things out more. I would pick up another female, and after quarantine, introduce them. Of course there's no guarantee it will help, but groups of three or more usually work out better than pairs. Smile

More info on Quarantine and Introductions.

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Should I add another? Empty Re: Should I add another?

Post by The4Mouseketeers Sat 07 Oct 2017, 2:31 pm

Welcome Train
I'm not sure if they are ready to have another family member introduced. Maybe give it a few weeks, since this is just territorial issues that will be resolved. This happened when I added a fourth mouse into my pack of three. They are good friends now. Your mice are just trying to work out who is the "pack leader."

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Should I add another? Empty Re: Should I add another?

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