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New Mice!!!

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New Mice!!! Empty New Mice!!!

Post by Veganboi Sun 10 Sep 2017, 6:16 pm

A few days ago, my mouse Lillypad passed away.. it was really quite sad, but, what was once a trio of mice is now a duo, and im glad that my two other mice (Kale and Lillypad) have each other but it just didnt feel the same as having three.. so i was given a cage by someone and a new mouse to take home!
However, this new mouse keeps sneezing Bad Day
im worried she might have a problem, but apparently "today has been the first time shes sneezed" according to the person who gave me her. Still however, i am worried. so, i put her in a new bin, and have been EXTRA careful to not touch any of my mice after i touch her unless i clean my hands.. i dont know if introducing her to my other girls is safe, if she is sick?
im thinking of seeing if she gets better in the next day or so, but i also hate to leave a female mouse alone Sad i dont want her to get depressed.
any advice on how i should go about this???
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New Mice!!! Empty Re: New Mice!!!

Post by CallaLily Sun 10 Sep 2017, 6:37 pm

Its best to quarantine new mice for at least 3 weeks anyway. Keep an eye on her. If things get worse, vet trip. It might just be "box shock" though.

More info on quarantine:

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