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Mouse Sneezing?

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Mouse Sneezing? Empty Mouse Sneezing?

Post by Nijimi にじみ Thu 14 Sep 2017, 12:13 pm

Confused It has been happening ever since I got her and she is my second mouse in the same cage. There is nothing wrong with Fig (the first one) so it is not dust from the bedding or anything. What's wrong with the new mouse?
Nijimi にじみ
Nijimi にじみ
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Mouse Sneezing? Empty Re: Mouse Sneezing?

Post by CallaLily Thu 14 Sep 2017, 1:06 pm

It could be "box shock" brought on by stress. If that's the case it should clear up by itself. If at any time it seems to get worse or it's just not going away, consult a vet.

But I would like to also point out that just because one mouse doesn't have a reaction to something, doesn't mean another mouse won't.  So I wouldn't rule out that just yet, though it does sound like it's just "new mouse sneezes."  Smile

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