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Taming and wheel

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Taming and wheel Empty Taming and wheel

Post by annanda on Mon 18 Sep 2017, 3:52 am

So I finally had my three girls used to climb my hand at night, to eat.
I put food on my palm and put the hand into the cage, they jump on it and keep eating as long as I don't touch them. If I try and move a finger to touch them, they jump down, then up again (looks like they are annoyed but not scared... and hungry Very Happy). What should I do next?

Also, two of them seem really OBSESSED with their wheel. They are almost always there, I have to stop the wheel before I put my hand in because otherwise they even ignore my hand and/or food.

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Taming and wheel Empty Re: Taming and wheel

Post by peas on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 4:34 am

It can depend on the mice.  

Almost all my mice never really willing got in my hand.   Even the ones who would come when i called them by name, still would stop at the hand and be like "i am not getting on that!" .     So i went the route of trickery, usually using a tube to place them in my hand or scooping them off their wheels.  Or just transporting them in their wheels.  

Some people say if you want them to get used to your hand, just slowly raise it higher and higher.  Like just a tiny bit at first, slowly.  Then a bit more the next day.  Until they get used to your hand moving.     Maybe after that, you can try and pet them or stuff.

I feel like all my boys took to being petted way faster than the girls.  I have had my new mouse for like a week and he already lets me pet him with out any fuss.

My first girls, i had them 10 months before they would let me pet them and even then it was under protest.

So i am not the best person to ask about taming mice patiently.   I usually rush it and force them to do what i say.    But it sounds like you are doing a good job so far.   If rushing doesn't work for me, probably just continue doing what you are doing and be patient.

Oh, it's good they are wheel mice. Lots of exercise and entertainment is a key to a long happy mousie life.

My one girl was such a wheel mouse, i had to get another and have 2 in the tank cause the other two mice could never get on it. She'd run for hours and hours and hours and hours with momentary breaks for water then right back on. She basically didn't stop. I love it when they run all day/night.

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Taming and wheel Empty Re: Taming and wheel

Post by CallaLily on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 8:36 am

Taming usually goes better if you get them out of their home and move them to a neutral, safe play area with lots of toys (but you can skip the wheel). I use a big storage bin, others use the (dry) bathtub.  You can transfer them over using a tube or box until they're more comfortable with your hand.

Once you have them there, introduce your hand. Eventually they become curious and come over for a sniff. Then they'll slowly work up the courage to climb on your hand. Usually on and right off again at first, but eventually they'll be comfortable enough to stay on longer and longer. This is when you can introduce movement. First I like to just offer little rides from one side of the play bin to the other. Most of mine have enjoyed this game and will immediately run back to start. As trust builds you can start lifting them out.

Most of my girls haven't liked spending a lot of time in my hand or on me. We just continue with the rides or letting them climb on and off me as they please. For the ones that do like hanging out with me, a backwards hoodie or a pocket or a sleeve is great fun.

I personally save treats for after playtime. I hide them around their tank for them to find. They still make the connection - playtime = yummy rewards - but without encouraging nipping/biting behaviours like hand treating untamed mice can sometimes do.

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Taming and wheel Empty Re: Taming and wheel

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