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How many mice can I have in this cage?

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How many mice can I have in this cage? Empty How many mice can I have in this cage?

Post by Kaelico on Mon 18 Sep 2017, 5:56 pm

I have a bin cage I originally built for a hamster a few years ago but decided I'd like to try mice this time. How many females can I have in a cage that is 655 square inches and 4.5 cubic feet (not sure if that's relevant)? After doing some research, I've discovered that this cage might be insanely big and that I could fit up to 10 mice in it? I was thinking more towards five and thought that even that might be a bit crowded. What is a good dumber to start with?

Also, I read somewhere that a cage could also actually be too big. Is that true and is mine too big?

One more thing, I can't figure out how to attach pictures to a post. Copy and paste doesn't seem to work and I don't see a button to attach a file. Is there an option to add a picture to the post somewhere? Sorry, I'm still pretty new to this forum.

Thanks for the help.

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How many mice can I have in this cage? Empty Re: How many mice can I have in this cage?

Post by FuzzyMouse on Tue 17 Oct 2017, 7:44 pm

There is a cage calculator on the housing topic if you would like to check that out. I like having 3-4 females, but in a big cage you could defiantly have more. If the cage is really big it might be harder to tame mice, but I don't know much about too big of cages. I believe that you have to use ServImg to post picture, but I am not to sure because I am pretty new to.
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How many mice can I have in this cage? Empty Re: How many mice can I have in this cage?

Post by CallaLily on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 6:33 am

Cage Calculator

How To Post Pictures With Servimg

Many mice that are just plopped into a big cage straight away become very flighty and/or territorial. Because of this, it's generally recommended to start off in an enclosure that is the minimum recommended size for the number of mice you have. Then once you've tamed your mice up and gotten to know them better, you can try moving them up to a larger enclosure. Do remember to pack their tank/cage with a lot of things for them to hide, climb, and play with. They don't do well with wide open spaces, tamed or not. Also keep in mind that more space isn't always better for every mouse. There's a chance things won't work out and you may have to move them back down to something smaller. It all depends on the mouse. But from what I've seen, most do appreciate having more space.

I just wanted to also say that just because the calculator may say you can keep __ number of mice in a particular enclosure, doesn't mean you have to (or even really should) keep that many in there. Large groups aren't usually recommended for those new to keeping mice. But if you do get females, it is recommended to at least get 3. This balances the group dynamic better and decreases the chance of one girl suddenly being left all alone. Males should be housed alone.

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