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Vocalization and Fighting

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Vocalization and Fighting Empty Vocalization and Fighting

Post by Plazmotech Fri 22 Sep 2017, 12:53 am

So I've heard that mice are supposed to be quite. And indeed, my first mouse (Snoopy) and her sister (Nibbles) were generally really quite (except when they got URI!)

But since Snoopy passed away, I adopted two new mice (Pebbles, and Poppy). Now, Poppy is a few months younger than Nibbles, but Pebble is about the same age. I did this to make sure they'd get along well. And yeah, they seem to mostly like each other.

But they do fight quite often. It's a little bit worrying because I fear they'll hurt each other, but it's been a couple months and I haven't observed any injuries. It is quite annoying when I'm sleeping though but usually when I turn on a flash-light and they notice my presence they stop. But, since they're not injuring each other I don't think I have to be too worried. They usually fight when one is doing something (working on a toy, or something) and somebody else is trying to groom them or share the toy. They chase each other around until they're far away and then go back to their little toy…

But that's not what I'm really here to ask about. They also vocalize a LOT without (what I think) is fighting. I don't know if they're angry or just talking, but they're quite talkative often, with loud squeaks when they're grooming each other, or when they're frustrated with a puzzle toy they can't figure out.

Now, Snoopy and Nibbles together rarely vocalized, if at all. They just kind of chilled together. Maybe it was because Snoopy was always very Lazy, and didn't get in Nibbles' way. Or maybe they liked each other more?

I'm just kind of worried they don't like each other. Or are they bickering just as sisters do?


Five lil girls -- Pebble, Poppy, Gandalf, and the Two Blue Wizards, Periwinkle and Mist! RIP Snoopy and Nibbles. We miss you <3

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Vocalization and Fighting Empty Re: Vocalization and Fighting

Post by CallaLily Fri 22 Sep 2017, 9:00 am

It sounds like they're still figuring out who's who in the group.  The chasing and squeaking without injury is definitely this and they should work it out in time.

Mice generally are quiet to us because most of the sounds they make are out of our range, but they do make a few noises we can hear. Some mice are just chattier than others. Squeaking during grooming is fairly common. It can be a good noise if they're enjoying it or an "ouch, don't be so rough" noise if their sister is getting carried away.

I'd guess you just have chatty mice since it sounds like you're familiar with URI symptoms. Smile

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