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Should I Upgrade The Cage?

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Should I Upgrade The Cage? Empty Should I Upgrade The Cage?

Post by Riikchu Sat 23 Sep 2017, 8:09 pm

So my mouse is in an 10 gallon space right now, she was originally in a 20 gallon but due to her aggression towards her sister she was moved to another cage and then downgraded to less territory as suggested on my earlier topics.
Since her sister's death Oreo has been very bored. She is still not very tame even after roughly 10 months of trying which limits my ability to play with her.
I wanted to give back the cage she was in originally which would add 10 galleons back on so I can give her more toys for her to entertain herself but I'm not sure I should.

When I downgraded her to the 10 galleon she stopped being aggressive and I was wondering if I put her in a 20 gallon space she'd become territorial again, though she no longer shares her cage with anyone. If I do put her into the 20 galleon how should I go about it?
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Should I Upgrade The Cage? Empty Re: Should I Upgrade The Cage?

Post by Rodents rock! Sat 23 Sep 2017, 8:53 pm

If you want to still try to tame her, I would keep her in the 10 gallon tank for now. And I would take her out of the tank when trying to play and earn her trust. That way she is in a neutral territory. May make training easier. If you are not planning on attempting to keep trying to train her and are going to keep her alone, then I would put her in the 20 gallon tank and give her lots and lots of fun things to do. If you are going to try to introduce her to some new friends, start out in the 10 gallon tank.
Rodents rock!
Rodents rock!
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