Possible parasyte/Mites infection? Is it harmful to humans?

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Possible parasyte/Mites infection? Is it harmful to humans?

Post by Illumimoe666 on Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:00 pm

I noticed my girls got sickly and then developed black dots, when I picked one of them up a bunch of black specs were on my hand, then I looked closer they started moving! I have no idea what it is! I looked at images of Mites but then these bugs look a little longer. They're clear with black little insides in the middle. They are also VERY VERY small. Probably the size of a bread crumb.
My mom's biggest concern is if they are harmful to humans? When I had a bunch of them on my hand they didn't seem to bite. I then let one crawl on my hand while I was trying to identify it and I think it may of bit me. I even now see a very small hole in my finger (ITS SUPER small though and feels like nothing) This could be being paranoid though.
I looked up lice and they look similar except the ones my mice have seem to be a little clearer (Could be a different type though?)
As for my micey's -
I'm very concerned. I know the obvious thing is to take them to the vet which i'm hoping i'll be able to do soon! But at this moment I cannot. Atleast not today or the next couple of days, The closest vet that treats rodents is hours away.
i'm mainly asking if anybody can identify these specks and what I can do till then?

Thank you
*Edit* I forgot to mention, one of my mice was found dead today Sad( She was old so i'm not sure if it had to do with these little bugs, but I suspect it might have... God, i feel so horrible.

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Re: Possible parasyte/Mites infection? Is it harmful to humans?

Post by stephlisa on Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:48 pm

Hiya, there's a sticky on lice/mites treatment somewhere in the health section (just here: https://www.petmousefanciers.com/t17-itching-hair-loss-and-parasites )
Have you ever treated your mice with Ivermectin? This is something you can do without a vet visit, although if you are concerned always go to the vet. There are instructions in the link above.

I don't have enough experience to say what they could be or if they are harmful to humans.

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Re: Possible parasyte/Mites infection? Is it harmful to humans?

Post by CallaLily on Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:11 pm

Sounds like lice to me. Check out the link @stephlisa shared.

Lice are species specific. They will not transfer to humans (human lice are much different), cats, dogs, etc. They may hop on for a ride but will not stay for any length of time at all. They can not live off of species other than their specific species host.

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