Cage chewing to get my attention

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Cage chewing to get my attention

Post by Plazmotech on Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:58 pm

So I've made a mistake. I used to give a lot of treats to my babies through a particular side of the bar when they were being cute (always). But I've stopped doing that because they're getting fat (of course).

But now. They just sit there. And bite the corner of the cage that I used to feed them with. I've tried like blowing in their faces to make them go away but one of them is so incredibly determined and is not scared by anything and just sits there and bites until I give her food. It's so annoying. And I'm very worried they'll swallow the paint and it'll be very bad for them.

How do I get them to stop? I've heard of people putting some sort of bitter or sour product on the bars, but what can I put that's safe? Thanks!

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