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Mouse Quirks!

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Post by scaredymouse Sat 04 Jun 2016, 6:53 am

I though I would put my little paper heart video here, too, since it is definitely quirky. My other mice will grab a heart or two, but Furgie & Gilly *really* like the paper hearts. It never gets old.

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Mouse Quirks! - Page 2 Empty Re: Mouse Quirks!

Post by Ealexander Sat 04 Jun 2016, 11:27 am

Mouseketeers wrote:
abeona wrote:

Lucas never used a box to sleep in... he would take shredded paper and craft some weirdo nest ball sort of thing.

I'll have to think of some more. Interesting thread idea!

Jinx! One of my bucks has never used a house, always preferring to build his own elaborate nest thing. Even in the middle of winter, even choosing his nest over sharing the house with a doe.

Super cool thread, I know heaps of mine have cute little quirks. But of course I can't think of them right now.

My mouse Eddie also makes a big heap of toilet paper into a nest. I call it his Burrito. He's got all kinds of houses and structures he could use but he only sleeps in his popsicle stick house the first night after tank cleaning. By the second night he's heaped everything up in a huge burrito in the corner behind the wheel.
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