MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))

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MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))  Empty MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))

Post by dawnkittenz on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 8:51 pm

I just got home about 5 minutes ago to find my mouses tank empty . She was on the bathroom floor inside a mini bathroom (like a 4 x 4 foot enclosed space) with the door closed. I accidentially left the lid propped open when I left. I was gone for about 3 hours, leaving at 5:30 and coming back around 6:40. I made sure to check the habitat thoroughly but she is not in it. I am worried she may have slipped under the crack of the door and into the second room which also has a closed door with carpet underneath, which is probably harder to slip through.

She was at the hopper stage, so like 2 inches long not including the tail.
Tail Flip
Please help me with suggestions on how to trap her or on common mouse hiding places!

URGENT due to the fact that we own two cats and a dog alone with a large lizard who loves eating mice.

Anything helps! Please help me get my baby back home safely! Crying or Very sad

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your help! I found mousey in the boiler room about 24 hours later. It's a small closet just off the bathroom, my cat was showing an unusual amount of interest in the closet, spending several hours in there so i decided to check and I saw mousey crawling out- a little dirty but overall unharmed! The traps ended up being ineffective but I am grateful for all of your help.

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MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))  Empty Re: MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 9:41 pm

I suggest making a bucket trap. It's the most common way to catch escaped pet rodents. Here's a video by ErinsAnimals about how to catch an escaped hamster, it's the same concept for mice:

In the future, I suggest double checking your lid is closed every time you leave the room. I have 4 cages of mice, and I secure the lid of every cage, then stop in the doorway to make sure I have closed every single lid. I do this every time I leave my pet room.

Good luck with finding your mousie! I hope you find her safe and sound Smile

MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))  Girlss10
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MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))  Empty Re: MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))

Post by Peachy on Wed 18 Oct 2017, 9:47 pm

We've had gerbils escape and the cats found them under the stove but couldn't get to them. That gave it away. We caught them in no time once the cats let us know where they were. So pay attention to what your other pets are paying attention to.

Check in closets, under and behind furniture, pick up anything lying on the floor. Look for droppings. Maybe you could put an enclosed nest down with some of her smell and see if she'll come back to it. To make it harder for her to slip through while you're looking for her, roll up a towel and use it to block cracks under the door.

I hope you'll find her soon.

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MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))  Empty Re: MISSING MOUSE (found! no longer urgent (old post!))

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