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Post by CallaLily Thu 07 Apr 2016, 9:30 pm

Originally Posted by Twinkle1980 on The Fun Mouse Forum.

I realize that alot of the members here are from America, and alot of the advice regarding housing options, food and bedding deals with usa brands. So I thought I would share a little of what I have learn't whilst shopping around here in the uk.


Naturally the same advice stands regarding sizes and the advice on aquarium tanks and bin cages is the same. However us lucky people in the uk have other options too as there are far more mouse friendly cage manufacturers in europe and availability is higher. Here are some of my favourites:

Tank style plastic cages
Ferplast mini duna (for trio of girls max or one boy)
Ferplast duna multy
Ferplast multy maxi
Gabber rex
FOP Tamburino linea natura
Ferplast mouse 120
There are several others too, and some with slightly wider bar spacing on top that can be solved with meshing, but the above gives you a good start point!

Barred Cages
Zooplus barney
zooplus alexander
fun area leon
Igor fuschia
Ferplast kios
Savic mickey
Savic mickey max
Savic mickey 2xl
Again there are others but these are my favourites, and give you a good starting point. All have 6-8mm bar spacing making them ideal for mice once they are past about 8 weeks old.

Hemcore (not the citronella treated one)

By far and away my chosen food is a mixture of some of the foods sold by ratrations, however not everyone can order online not justify their postage charges. Equally the advice given here about the wild bird foods also stands for the uk, however the advice about budgie or parakeet food doesnt as over here it tends to be just a mixture of millets with a few sunflower seeds (certainly not a balanced mouse diet). What does work well are a good quality pidgeon mix, these have everything good in them, and no soya or sunflower seeds, also pets at home fruity rabbit (pick out the alfalfa pellets) also works well as a base mix. All of these need animal protein added, and a good dog kibble is ideal.

Alternatives as a premix are harder to find however some reasonable ones are those available from zooplus, but as the formulations change frequently I wont be mentioning the brands. Another good brand is sunseed gerbil, but this can be hard to get hold of. In a pinch the uk reggie rat (which doesnt have that horrible additive found in the USA version) has 14% protein but you would be spending a long time picking out all the corn!

Hope that helps someone, and feel free to add edit agree or disagree with anything I have said.

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Help For The UK Members Empty Re: Help For The UK Members

Post by CallaLily Fri 28 Jul 2017, 8:18 am

Adding that I've seen Beaphar Xtra Vital Mouse Food mentioned by UK members. If someone can confirm that it's a decent mouse food over there? I can't find the ingredients listed anywhere.

Or if there are any other product suggestions you've found that you would like to add?

Also there is Supreme Science Selective Mouse biscuits. I find it makes a great supplement to a healthy seed mix and my mice really like it too.

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