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Finally friends!

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Finally friends!

Post by KendraTheMouse on Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:43 am

Kendra (my tiny little baby fuzz) is super sweet and is coming to me with her name about 50% of the time now. Big mouse has had a lot of stupid nick names because I don't like her much and she's not friendly, she doesn't bite though so I guess it's time to name her. She was older than Kendra when I got her so as a feeder mouse I suppose it makes sense that her personality is more focused on being a serious little survival mouse in serious mode all the time than a sociable one. Kendra is fuzzy with lots of spots, will she stay fuzzy? She's about 6 weeks old now. Big mouse is about 8 weeks old. and all white with a black butt.
 They had different mothers but share a father, his name's Domino and I've met him a couple of times as my friend and I both were hanging out the day she got him as a feeder and decided that he was too pretty and friendly.  Kendra looks just like him. I can't look at her feeders and not feel bad now that I got to know a couple of mice. I'm going to get a rat from her also next year once I got the hang of these guys.

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Re: Finally friends!

Post by Darkly_Innocent on Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:13 pm

Aww, there so cute! Heart Eyes

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Re: Finally friends!

Post by River on Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:58 pm

They're cute! I'm sure the new mouse will come around with treat bribery and slow work.

I do believe Kendra will keep her coat. They call mice like her long hair -- not quite Angora but still fluffier than usual.

Rats are a lot like mice, but even the males are happiest in pairs, so its extra cute with both genders -- always a good thing. They're good pets in my experience, I hope one will find a home with you. You seem like a loving parent!

Maybe you can derive a name from the fighty personality of the newer mouse. We named the male I temporarily owned (Ares) after the god of war because of his territorial issues + ripped ear. My other mouse, Maier was named for her black fur and after my favorite photographer Vivian Maier, who photographed in black and white.
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