A group of Female Mice

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A group of Female Mice

Post by CucumberMouse on Thu 18 Jan 2018, 7:19 pm

With female mice, there's usually a dominant one, and a few less dominant mice, right? Do those less dominant mice follow a hierarchy too? As in, is there an established ranking among all the mice? Do they all follow a specific role, or is it just as simple as a dominant mouse and a group of "underlings". Does the social structure change when the group is bigger vs when its smaller?
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Re: A group of Female Mice

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner on Thu 18 Jan 2018, 7:30 pm

Here's how I think of it, in a group of 3, lol:

In a larger group, there will still only be one alpha, but there will be several "underdog" mice and maybe more than one peacemaker. The peacemaker is responsible for protecting the weaker mice from fights; backing them up. But those "weak" and "peacemaker" mice might try to take over the alpha position as the alpha gets older and weaker, and unable to keep her place.


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