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Is ivermectin a neurotoxin?

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Is ivermectin a neurotoxin? Empty Is ivermectin a neurotoxin?

Post by River Thu 18 Jan 2018, 10:42 pm

I read in another forum that revolution was safer because ivermectin is a neurotoxin affecting mammals and parasites. I personally feel fine using it as I know some vets will prescribe it and that my mice have had amazing luck with it, but I thought I'd ask. Does this warning just apply to oral ivermectin, or what? Is revolution really safer?

I would have asked them but I didn't want to press the topic. Now that forum is very educational and overall great but I tend to not ask too many questions in Facebook groups because of how the general population of people there can be.
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Is ivermectin a neurotoxin? Empty Re: Is ivermectin a neurotoxin?

Post by AnonymousMouseOwner Fri 19 Jan 2018, 5:19 pm

It seems to be a very controversial, uncertain topic from what I'm reading. There was a lab study on mice here:

It's a long article and I didn't read the whole thing, but it appears that they found certain strains of mice to have behavioral issues caused by ivermectin. Selamectin (What Revolution is) has supposedly been modified for safety, but still can be toxic to certain strains of mice. Of course, the laboratory mice were bred to be sensitive to it, so it might not be the same with our pet mice. What I'm getting from this overall though, is that they can both be a toxin in certain strains of mice... It sounds to me like they have equal risks.

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Is ivermectin a neurotoxin? Girlss10
Is ivermectin a neurotoxin? Boyssi17Angel Remembering: Violet, Snow, Holly, Lilac, Clover, Petal, Cotton, Sugar, Autumn, Sage, Rocky, Jack, Willow, Blossom, Sierra, Amber, Olive, Scout, and Daisy
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