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Surprise pregnant mouse in a group of 3

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Surprise pregnant mouse in a group of 3 Empty Surprise pregnant mouse in a group of 3

Post by lemons on Mon 22 Jan 2018, 5:03 am

Hello. This is my first time posting here.


So, I currently have 3 mice. Lily, Rose, and Daisy (I've come to discover that these are unoriginal names lol but who cares). I've had Lily the longest, I got her from the pet store with another mouse who unfortunately passed away about 2 weeks ago. 3 days after she passed I went back to the pet store and got Rose and Daisy. I've had them about 11 days now. As far as I'm concerned, they're all getting along well.

Spare the lectures about how I should be buying from a breeder... Because I'm learning that lesson now...

I'm about 95% certain that Daisy is pregnant. She's gained a pear shape similar to pics I've seen. She's also eating the most food and her nips are somewhat visible. I feel super bad about it too because I feel like I've put a lot of stress on her without even realizing it until yesterday.

My main question is separation of housing and when... According to this site's breeding packet, there should only be one nanny. Rose is just as young as Daisy is (however old that may be... Pet store employee said "I dunno") but I'd assume they're super young because they're energetic. I guess this is also the only way this could have happened, they were sexed too late in store and she got pregnant super recently. Lily is at least 7 months old, as I've said. I saw on the breeding packet that a good nanny isn't older than 8 months old, but I'm not sure Lily's exact age. Is she maybe too old? Too risky?

Should she get a nanny? Who? Should Rose and Lily live by themselves for a while? But won't that make Daisy depressed? She's still easily scared, I'm worried about leaving her alone, but I also don't want baby harm or eating or stealing to happen... I'd like to maybe sell them and/or keep one.


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Surprise pregnant mouse in a group of 3 Empty Re: Surprise pregnant mouse in a group of 3

Post by CallaLily on Mon 22 Jan 2018, 11:59 am

I don't have mouse baby experience but I believe coming from untracked lines you would probably be better off skipping the nanny thing completely.  Too risky.  So move your preggo gal into a nursery tank alone, and leave your other two girls together.  Mama mouse will be just fine preparing for babies by herself.  Hopefully someone with actual mouse baby experience will chime in too (@Peachy). Good luck!

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