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Symptoms of Loneliness

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Symptoms of Loneliness Empty Symptoms of Loneliness

Post by stephlisa on Wed 31 Jan 2018, 8:01 am

Following Pumpkin's passing, we are debating whether to get Basil a friend or not. My gut instinct is not to unless he shows any symptoms of loneliness. From fellow UK mouse-keepers, I know that introducing males is much harder than that of females and I don't want to risk Basil's wellbeing.

As we've previously kept a male alone, I'm not too concerned about him being lonely as we have the time to devote a large amount of time to having him out and being his best buddies. However, I'd like to know some symptoms of loneliness that might indicate that something's up with Basil and we have to either give him more attention, change up his toys more or anything like that.

This is just research as a precautionary measure, currently, he seems perfectly happy and content and with plenty of attention, I'm sure he'll stay that way. He's possibly more happy and content because he's getting so much undivided attention already...but I'd like to do the research anyway.

As I say, my gut instinct is not to get him a new friend but I just want to be aware of what to look out for. I'm also hoping to turn him into a cuddly, stroke-able mouse rather than one that zips around everywhere, but I'm hoping that will come as he ages and matures - he's young yet!

Remembering Basil, Pumpkin & Colin
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Symptoms of Loneliness Empty Re: Symptoms of Loneliness

Post by River on Wed 31 Jan 2018, 9:48 am

I wouldn't get him a new friend. Basil and Pumpkin were siblings and had been housed together forever -- otherwise, it probably wouldn't have worked out as well. Just my advice, though, I know they're less territorial over there!

With Graham it was obvious. She seemed fine for a while and then she started showing signs. She scratched herself more often, chewed on the bars, and it worsened. She stopped being as active. She slept a lot, in weird places too. She would let me pick her up with minimal resistance. Sometimes she didn't want to move at all. When she was out, she was cuddly. She'd chase after your hand to nuzzle into it. It was out of character.

She got better with lots of affection and eventually she didn't even want my attention. I forced it until I got her a friend, though!
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