DIY Mouse House

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DIY Mouse House

Post by TiramisuTheMouse on Mon 19 Feb 2018, 2:58 pm

Hello again! I was thinking about how I used to make shoebox houses for my hamster all the time, so I decided to make one for my girls and see how they like it.
I also decided to take pictures so I could make a tutorial sort of thing if anyone else wanted to make one.

I like these because you can set them up against the wall of your cage and see them inside.

Supplies needed

First, cut of the lid if needed. Then, cut of the sides of the lid so that only one side remains.

Line up the lid piece next to the box and cut it so the it will fit nicely I side. Place it inside to see if it fits.

Take the scrap piece from the lid and cut a strip for the staircase. Adjust the length so that it fits inside and bend it if needed.

Add popsicle sticks pieces for grip.

Cut a piece out of the second level so that your mouse can get to the next floor. Glue in level and staircase.

Cut a hole for the door.
Now the basic design is done and you can add whatever you want.

I added candle holders and used a small dot of hot glue to attach a millet spray to the ceiling. I thought it kinda looked like a light fixture. (:
I think it would be cool if you put a fence on the top and made a level on the roof or colored the outside to look like a house.
Sorry for the long post; I hope some of you found this useful or interesting and I would love to see pictures if anyone else makes It!

Inside the cage

View looking through the bin cage from the outside

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Re: DIY Mouse House

Post by Rodents rock! on Mon 19 Feb 2018, 7:48 pm

Really cute and fun idea! Thanks for sharing Very Happy
Rodents rock!
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