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How long till she cleans the mats up?

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How long till she cleans the mats up? Empty How long till she cleans the mats up?

Post by River Fri 23 Feb 2018, 12:51 pm

As I've said before, Graham has a very unkempt, matted chin. She's been healing much faster since we got the new medication yesterday but she had been drooling and in pain, so it's a wet mess still.

I know mice dont always clean up great when they're not feeling well, but how long do you estimate it'll take for her to clean the mats up now that she's onto recovery? Vet said she had seen it happen before with the combination of drugs and pain but I forgot to ask when we should expect her to clean up again.

It's quite similiar to the mouse @jubilee had with a matted chin, just wetter sometimes. Link to their pictures here since I can't get one of my girl:

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