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New England Breeders?

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New England Breeders? Empty New England Breeders?

Post by Mousetropolis Sun 11 Mar 2018, 12:32 am

So, with the ladies' colony being pretty much finalized now with the eight of them, and because of how much I've been loving Fidget's willingness to hang out with me lately, a friend suggested that I should try a boy mouse. I've never had a male before, just my girls, and I was told that boys tend to be more social with their people once they're bonded. I've already got his cage and stuff, haha...
I was thinking, I'd love to have my first boy also be my first mouse from a breeder as well. I have searched up and down for a breeder in the area. All I've found are a few adds on Craigslist saying they can be feeder mice or pets... And that makes me a little uncomfortable. It kind-of feels like defeating the purpose.
It only recently occurred to me that I could ask here. Does anyone know of an active breeder in the New England area?
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New England Breeders? Empty Re: New England Breeders?

Post by River Mon 12 Mar 2018, 12:52 pm

Ernesto D Jaiy is a breeder in the New England area. He had some super sweet boys on Facebook just three months ago. Here he is from the fancy mouse breeders association on Facebook.

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