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Casper the Cockatoo

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Casper the Cockatoo Empty Casper the Cockatoo

Post by River Sun 11 Mar 2018, 5:47 pm

I met my grandmother's new bird today! This is Casper.

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Casper was rescued from a family that locked him in a dark room with one perch, only going in there to feed him sometimes. He's a very affectionate boy, and started plucking because of this neglect. He improved in the rescue though, and is expected to get all his feathers back!! He has a band on his foot but we can't read it yet, if it has anything on it at all. He's only five, so he isn't wild caught (he's a handfed cuddler) but he may have been transported as a pet from outside of the US. His vet will say for sure.

He loves to dance, cuddle, and destroy toys. He throws things for humans to fetch. He settled in very quickly and loves everyone! Its amazing how much a bird can go through and still know how to love.

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Casper the Cockatoo Empty Re: Casper the Cockatoo

Post by Rodents rock! Mon 12 Mar 2018, 1:14 am

What a sad story. Some people are just so horrible to animals. I'm so glad he was rescued and is now in a loving home. He sure is a cutie!
Rodents rock!
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