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Post by River Tue 13 Mar 2018, 11:22 pm

We've been struggling with vet bills for a while now. Many of you have followed Graham's story and though I've not mentioned much financially, it's been a very expensive one. I'm a minor and I don't work any real job, so it's been hard, but luckily I had just around $300 for the vet fund.

We've gone through $244 of that since February and Garcia has started showing signs of a URI. I am planning on getting a job, but due to medical reasons, it could be two weeks before I can apply. If you're curious about what this reason is, you can feel free to private message me. If it comes to a place where I have to get a job before this point, I will, but I'm doing my best to avoid that.

I've decided to sell art to collect donations. I'm fairly new to painting, so the price is fairly flexible, but I'll default at $20. Mice can get worse so quickly, really anything helps.

I'll also do requests of your own pets, just send a few high quality pictures with some variety of angles and I'll get back to you! This particular piece is done in acrylic on a 11x14" canvas panel and can be hung. It features a cockatiel parrot, the nymph of new holland.  Rainbow2

Vet Donations Img_7223

For any additional details, PM me! Thank you for your time.   Red Heart
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Post by Peachy Tue 13 Mar 2018, 11:34 pm

Are you using PayPal? I don't necessarily need a painting but would love to donate! Hearts

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