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I Hate Pet Stores

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I Hate Pet Stores Empty I Hate Pet Stores

Post by Winter Moose Sat 17 Mar 2018, 2:32 pm

Hello PMFF users! I haven’t been on in awhile, but I saw this just an hour ago and I can’t stop obsessing.

I went to Pet Supplies Plus to check out what products they had and look at their cute rodents. They had about 20 mice in one cage, and nearly every single mouse was pregnant. At the age they’re selling them, they are barely adults. Some of them were smaller than my thumb. It’s not that difficult to sex mice, and they were obviously pregnant.

I was extremely upset, and still looking around at the animals when I spy a roborovski hamster having a snack. Everything seemed normal until a Chinese hamster popped up out of the bedding behind him. I told the employees and their response was; “yeah we know, we don’t have enough cages and they’re the same size so they’re fine.”

I will never shop there again and I need to email the company because this is unacceptable. They should attempt to sex their animals and if they have too many hamsters, they need to put one in the back. Thy are completely different animals that cannot communicate. I’m just glad I manage to keep it together until I got to my car, where I had a good cry. If I wasn’t dealing with a two year old hamster with a small tumor and an untamed male mouse I would get one of the hamsters and one of the mice just so that some could live. Pictures linked below.

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I Hate Pet Stores Empty Re: I Hate Pet Stores

Post by scaredymouse Sat 17 Mar 2018, 6:23 pm

yeah, that's pretty crappy. if it helps you sleep at night, the robo and the chinesey will likely be ok living together. there have been studies showing that those two species have been know to cohabitate in nests together in the wild. their diet is diverse enough that they don't fight for food and obviously they don't fight for mates either.

glad no one with in with a Syrian!

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